Regina residents headed outdoors Monday morning to check out the frost and fog that blanketed the city.

Leg Building

(Kirk Fraser/CBC)

Given the weather conditions, it was difficult for passersby to clearly see the Legislative Building.


(Adnan Mohamad/CBC)

CBC Saskatchewan meteorologist Christy Climenhaga said the city experienced rime, which forms in the presence of fog. The water droplets from the fog freeze onto cold surfaces, such as trees and buildings.


(Adnan Mohamad/CBC)

Climenhaga said rime differs from hoar frost, which forms on cold and clear nights similar to dew in the springtime. With hoar frost, overnight water condenses and then freezes on trees when heat is lost quickly.

Another photographer

(Adnan Mohamad/CBC)

Regina residents enjoyed walking amongst the rime and photographing it.


(Adnan Mohamad/CBC)

The fog dissipated as the day progressed, and conditions were mainly sunny in the city on Monday afternoon.

Tuesday's forecast high is 0 C, according to Environment Canada.