Neill O'Hanlon, the owner of Regina's pub O'Hanlon's gets ready for a busy St. Patrick's day. (Jordan Jackle/CBC)

The owner of a local Irish pub in Regina hopes this year's St. Patrick's day celebrations will help him get closer to achieving a goal.

Niall O'Hanlon, the owner of the Scarth Street O'Hanlon's, hopes to sell more Guinness this year than any other bar in Canada.

Last year the pub, who goes through about 30 kegs of Guinness in an average week, came in third.

"It's not bad...in a small town, comparatively to Toronto and the rest of them," said O'Hanlon. 

The pub sold the second amount of the stout two years ago, but O'Hanlon said renovations slowed them down last year.

But, with festivities starting early in the afternoon, O'Hanlon said he hopes to sell 50 kegs of Guinness Saturday alone.

"We're going for number one this year," he said. "So yeah, it's good."