Days after a ranking system determined Regina was a relatively safe haven in the event of a zombie apocalypse, people in the Prairie city are noting the distinction with a sense of pride.

"This is probably the last place zombies would travel," one Regina resident told CBC News reporter Adrian Cheung Wednesday.

The ranking system was devised by Michael Ross, from Alberta, who noted Regina scored well — in part — because of the climate and sparse population.

'That's my plan: grab the family and go to the farm.' - Advice from Regina on surviving zombies

"It's quite cold, colder than the average Canadian city," Ross said. "It's very lowly densely populated, which is a good thing."

Ross devised the ranking system as a fun project based on the current popularity of zombie-themed movies, TV shows and other pop culture.

skpic zombie walk file

Many fans of the zombie genre like to participate in "zombie walks". (CBC file photo)

Ross evaluated such factors as geography, climate and the availability of weaponry to thwart zombies.

His rankings made sense to many.

"There's so much farm land," another Regina citizen noted, approvingly. "That's my plan: grab the family and go to the farm."

Ross published his rankings on a blog and says the online community is reacting positively.

"Most of the comments are from people in Saskatchewan defending how well they would do," Ross said.

On the streets of Regina, one person suggested folks should not feel too secure about a potential zombie threat.

"I think it's already happening," said one person. "You can see them walking along with their little phones."

The complete ranking system is described further in this story, published earlier this week.

With files from CBC's Adrian Cheung