Regina City Council will review the budget at a public meeting on Jan. 21. (CBC)

The City of Regina has released its preliminary budget and is proposing that property taxes go up 4.45 per cent this year.

For the owner of a typical Regina home — which the city says has a value of $285,000 — the city portion of taxes will be $1,479, an increase of $63.

That doesn't include school board or library taxes which, if lumped in, would bring the total tax bill for that typical homeowner to about $2,790 for 2013.

If approved, the city's capital and operating budgets will total $424 million.

City council will review the budget on Jan. 21.

Meanwhile, Saskatoon city council has already settled on its tax increase. City property taxes will rise by 4.99 per cent this year. 

Regina's budget by the numbers

4.45%Proposed city tax increase.

9%Sewer and water rate increase.

$424MCapital and Operating budgets.

$1,479City property taxes for typical home owner.

$63Proposed property tax increase for 2013.

4.99%Saskatoon's tax increase.

Source: City of Regina