Brownfield sites around Regina

Here's the full list of former gas stations and vacant lots the city is concerned about:

1. 1005 Pasqua Street
2. 1035 Pasqua Street
3. 3134 Dewdney Avenue
4. 2809 Dewdney Avenue
5. 2700 Dewdney Avenue
6. 367 Albert Street North
7. 2165 Albert Street
8. 15th Avenue & Albert Street
9. 856 Dewdney Avenue
10. 328 Victoria Avenue
11. 101 Victoria Avenue East
12. 106 Victoria Avenue East
13. 631 Victoria Avenue East
14. 802 Dewdney Avenue East
15. 1775 Dewdney Avenue East
16. 1920 Victoria Avenue East
17. 2020 Victoria Avenue East
18. 2233 Victoria Avenue East

The City of Regina is grappling with what to do with 15 former gas station properties that may or may not have contaminated soil.

City officials compiled the list of so-called "brownfield" sites earlier this year and a report on their findings goes to city council next week.

The sites are scattered around the city, with clusters along Dewdney Avenue West and Victoria Avenue East.

2165 Albert St.

This property at 2165 Albert St. is one of a number of former gas stations or vacant lots the City of Regina says could be redeveloped. (Google Street View)

The city would like to see some of the sites redeveloped into homes, but doesn't know for sure if the soil is contaminated.

It's looking at whether it should offer incentives, such as tax breaks, to landowners to clean the properties up.

Cleanups won't necessarily be cheap.

The report noted the City owns a property at 1901 Elphinstone St. that was leased to a company that operated a service station at the site for a number of years.

At the end of the lease, the city was required to clean up the site at a cost of $82,000.

City of Regina map of brownfield sites