Six police hopefuls in Regina went from civilians to members of the force Friday morning.

In a ceremony at police headquarters, the 69th class of Regina Police recruits were sworn in.

All six members, including one woman, went through a rigorous application process to be accepted and are now off to police college.

Sam Kosolofski said the ceremony was extra special because of his lifelong dream to become a police officer.

"It's a huge honour. Obviously, you know my dad's a police officer. It's great to fall in his footsteps and it's a respectable career. We still have a long road ahead of us. Nothing is complete yet. It's the first step of many," said Kosolofski.

A 7th recruit is also heading to the Saskatchewan Police College with the group. Ryan Palka was previously sworn in, but an injury delayed his training.

After 20 weeks of training, the recruits will receive their badge at graduation this December.