A Regina driver is facing multiple charges after failing to co-operate with officers, who eventually used a stun gun to control the man in the early hours of Sunday morning. 

Police were dealing with a separate driver at the intersection of Pasqua Street and 9th Avenue North when another crash happened at about 12:15 a.m. CST. 

When officers went over to look into what happened, the driver they say was responsible for the collision refused to get out of his car, police said. 

The man didn't listen to the instructions given to him by officers — police said it looked like he was planning an attempt to flee the scene. 

Officers ended up using a stun gun on the man in order to gain control over him.

He was taken to hospital where he was found to have no injuries from the electrical charge. 

He is now in police custody and has been charged with impaired driving, resisting arrest and a weapon charge. 

He remains in police custody. 

The initial incident that brought police to the intersection was described as a suspected impaired driver, but police have not said if a charge was laid in that incident.