Christmas Tree SASK

Regina police are investigating after thieves cleaned out a family's Christmas presents. The police service collected $415 so the family could still enjoy a happy holiday. (Illustrative photo/CBC)

What could have been a dismal Christmas for a Regina family turned out to be joyous one thanks to staff with the Regina Police Service.

Last weekend, police officers responded to a break and enter on the 7200 block of Bennet Dr. in Regina. Thieves stole all of the family's presents. Even a little girl's piggy bank was taken.

Police collected $415, 4½ kilograms of chocolate and a snow globe and donated it to the family.

The donation was not an unusual occurrence, Staff Sgt. Paul Tate said. 

"People do this every day — not just policemen but people in general," Tate said. "I mean, people are giving."    

It's not the first time people at the Regina Police Service have pitched in like this, Tate said.

Word about the donation spread quickly this time because a police officer tweeted it out to the public, he said.