A pit bull dog was killed by a Regina police officer in a backyard in Regina's North Central area on March 23, 2013.

A Regina police officer was acting properly and doing his job when he shot and killed a dog at a private residence earlier this year, a review has concluded.

The province's Public Complaints Commission investigated after receiving a complaint about the March 23 incident, in which an officer shot and killed a pit bull in Peter Cote's backyard on Rae Street.

At the time, police said that they ended up in the backyard while tracking a suspect wanted for assault.

The police dog and Cote's dog, a pit bull, started fighting. Police said when an officer tried to intervene, the pit bull knocked the officer down.

An officer pulled out a gun and shot the dog dead.

The discharge of the officer’s firearm was reviewed and was found to meet the policy and practices of the RPS, according to the review conducted by the complaints commission.

The policy allows officers to use a gun to subdue a vicious animal.  

In its decision released Friday, the commission said it's satisfied the officer was engaged in the lawful performance of his duties.  

The government said that although death of the dog was "extremely unfortunate," the commission has determined there was no misconduct by the officer.

The case generated considerable public attention in the spring. The police service received a number of angry and hostile messages on its Facebook page, prompting it to close it down for several months.