Regina police officer bitten by dog, shots fired

A Regina police officer looking for a suspect was attacked by a dog and fired his gun Thursday night.

Man, 26, charged with breach of court orders

A Regina police officer looking for a suspect was attacked by a dog and fired his gun Thursday night.

The officer was later treated at the hospital for his injuries after being bitten in the foot, Regina police said in a news release.

It happened shortly after 10 p.m. CST when plainclothes officers went to a house on the 800 block of Garnet St. in the North Central area.

They were looking for a man who was wanted on outstanding warrants.

The suspect came to the door, but quickly retreated into the house, they said.

Then a dog rushed out. It was originally described as a pit bull, although the breed hasn't been confirmed.

Police said it bit one of the officers on the foot. The officer broke free and when the dog advanced again, he fired three shots at it, police said.

The dog ran away before police could learn if it had been hit. Police said the shots were fired in a downward direction, so there was no danger anybody in the house or the neighourhood would be hurt. 

After that, more police were called in. Officers negotiated with the man inside to come out.

He eventually did. A 26-year-old Regina man has been charged with four counts of breaching court orders. He appeared in court Friday morning.

Police were back at the house Friday morning to pick up shell casings and look for the dog.

So far, there's no sign of it.