People in Regina are being cautioned after a woman saw her four-year-old son being held by a man who falsely claimed to be a police officer.

The brief encounter happened just before 6:30 p.m. CST Wednesday, in the 900 block of Montague St. in the North Central area.
Margaret Bitternose told police she saw the man holding her four-year-old son, who had been playing outside.

When another family member challenged the man, he told him he was an undercover police officer, but failed to show any ID. The man then left.

"My brother asked for his badge and he said he was in training, so he didn't have a badge," Bitternose said. "After my brother was done talking to him, he started running toward 5th (Avenue) and then we called the cops."

The boy was not hurt and wasn't distraught, police said.

"It's scary because you know some stranger picking up my son. especially if he's saying he's a cop," Bitternose said.

The suspicious man is described as 20 to 25 years old, about five feet eight inches tall and heavy-set. He was described as 'dark-skinned' and without facial hair.

He was wearing a green shirt and grey pants.

Police said he's not a member of the Regina Police Service.