Former mayoral candidate Chad Novak caused a stir at Regina City Hall last night and ended up escorted out of the building by police.

It happened during council's regular meeting. Novak began speaking from the gallery, and that got the attention of Mayor Michael Fougere.

Fougere moved to expel Novak, and when he didn't leave, police were called.

Officers spoke to Novak and then escorted him out of the building.

"Mayor Fougere called me out  of order. You know what? The fact is, you've been disrespecting taxpayers for years," Novak said to CBC News. "It's about time one of us started disrespecting you."

Then he walked away into the chilly night.

Novak ran for mayor in 2012. He received 413 votes.

Chad Novak escorted from City Hall

After chatting with police officers outside council chambers, former mayoral candidate Chad Novak was escorted from the building. (CBC)