Regina police charge man in 9 armed robberies

Regina police say they've nabbed the man responsible for nine armed robberies.

Map shows businesses that were hit

Regina police say they've nabbed the man responsible for nine armed robberies.

The 44-year-old man appeared in court Thursday. Police say the robberies took place over two months starting in January.

All of them were on local businesses, including restaurants, a gas bar and a food store. Knives and what appeared to be guns were the weapons used.

The most recent alleged robbery happened the evening of March 19 on the 800 block of Victoria Ave. E. 

Here's the list of the other eight robberies, including locations and weapons allegedly used:

  • Jan. 23 - Restaurant, 400 block of N. McCarthy Blvd., weapon: gun.
  • Jan. 26 - Business, 2300 block of 2nd Ave., weapon: gun.
  • Feb. 12 - Service station,4500 block of Albert St., weapon:knife
  • Feb. 13 - Financial institution, 2700 block Avonhurst Dr., weapon: knife.
  • Feb. 14 - Restaurant, 100 block N. McDonald St., weapon: knife.
  • Feb. 15 - Restaurant, 300 block Albert St., weapon: knife.
  • Feb. 23 - Food store, 800 block Argyle St. N., weapon: knife
  • Mar. 7 - Gas bar, 6200 block Rochdale Blvd., weapon: knife.

In two of the incidents, what initially looked like a firearm turned out to be an imitation handgun.

Police said he punched a clerk in one of the cases. Police didn't provide any details about what was taken from the various businesses.

Officers said the descriptions for the suspects in the string of cases were all similar, but they couldn't make a concrete connection or make a positive ID until Wednesday night.

That's when the man was allegedly caught robbing the store on Victoria Avenue.

Police made an arrest at the scene.