If you want to skate on some of the city's outdoor rinks beyond Feb. 16, you may have to use some elbow grease and shovel the ice yourself.

That's when the City of Regina's annual 10-week outdoor rink program finishes up, and several of the city's rinks will no longer be maintained by the city. 

"Users can still use the rink as long as they use their own judgment," said Sean Raison, acting director of the city's parks and open space department. 

The city maintains 59 rinks throughout Regina but most of those will not be maintained by the city beyond the 10-week deadline.

Victoria Park's rink and rinks used by an outdoor hockey league will be maintained into March, Raison said.

Those league rinks are:

  • Rosemont School Park.
  • Haultain (Eastview).
  • Gocki Park (Al Ritchie).
  • Grassick Playground.
  • Leslie Park.
  • Lakeview Park.
  • Glen Elm Park.
  • Imperial School.
  • McMurchy Park.