The City of Regina wants to make changes to its outdoor pools and tennis courts, including the possible closing of some facilities.

According to the city, Regina faces millions of dollars in maintenance costs for facilities that are very old.

Instead, officials are suggesting spending the money on new facilities that — while not the same as currently offered at an existing site — may be better suited to public demand.

In a report sent to members of city council, the administration suggests more spray pads as well as a $12 million redevelopment of the centrally-located pool in Wascana Park.

According to the report, Regina's five outdoor pools currently operate for an average of 10 weeks per year.

The report says the Dewdney Pool, in Regina's North-Central neighbourhood, should remain open.

Administrators suggest closing two of the remaining three outdoor pools: Regent Pool and Maple Leaf Pool.

The report said city council would have to make the final decision about the outdoor pool plan.

Administrators were also suggesting a public consultation about options for the pools.

Fewer, better tennis courts

When it comes to tennis, officials said the city should "reduce the number of sites available in order to direct funding at maintaining a smaller number of well-maintained sites."

The idea was served up in 2012, when officials suggested 35 outdoor tennis surfaces, down from 55.

The report said feedback from the public, on that idea, shows support for the concept but concerns about which sites would be kept.