A report for the city noted that Regina's existing red light cameras have only been taking pictures at two locations in the city. ((CBC))

City council in Regina has given the green light to install new red light cameras, discarding the mostly non-functioning equipment it currently has in favour of a high-tech digital system.

A recent report noted that two of the four existing cameras are not working and the other two only capture a portion of activity at their intersections.

"We have a history of the red light cameras," Regina Mayor Michael Fougere said Monday as council approved the purchase of a new system. "When they were first installed, they were quite effective. So as we were starting to debate, this has been ongoing for a number of years, I think people will be pleased to see we are improving the safety of our streets."

With the approval, a new system — of four cameras — is expected to be in place in 2015.

A review of the program will also take place after three years of the new system.

It's estimated the new digital cameras will cost almost $39,000 — each — per year to operate, more than double the current cost.

With files from CBC's Adrian Cheung