CBC's iTeam has learned the identity of the Regina police officer who was put on administrative leave following allegations that he inappropriately accessed surveillance video at the Cornwall Centre shopping mall. 
Inspector Robert Dean was placed on leave following an investigation by the Public Complaints Commission into concerns raised by Andrea Mac Murray. 
Mac Murray complained that her children had been kicked out of the Regina Optimist Dolphin Swim Club because she faxed an anonymous letter from the Cornwall Centre to the organization's auditor, asking questions about financial matters. 

Officer, swim director are brothers

According to Mac Murray, on Dec. 18 she was called to a meeting with club officials including Lee Dean, the director of swimming for the organization.
He is also the brother of Robert Dean. 
She says in that meeting Lee Dean told her he knew she had sent the letter because he had seen it on mall surveillance video. 
"I was baffled. I was stunned," Mac Murray explained. "My privacy was invaded. I felt invaded."

Andrea Mac Murray

Andrea Mac Murray says she was booted out of the Regina Optimist Dolphin Swim Club after raising financial concerns. (CBC)

She says an official at the mall told her the tape was viewed as part of a police investigation.
Mac Murray complained to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, and she said an investigator confirmed that a police officer had accessed that footage. 

No comment from brothers

When contacted by phone about this story, Robert Dean hung up.
Lee Dean has not responded to an email request for an interview. 
The swim club has said it will not discuss this issue as it is a private matter. 
The Dean family has a long history with the Saskatchewan swimming community in general and the Dolphins club in particular.
The Public Complaints Commission investigated Robert Dean for "discreditable conduct and neglect of duty" under the Municipal Police Discipline Regulations.

Police chief reviewing allegations

It has forwarded its report to Regina police chief Troy Hagen, who's conducting his own review.

Dolphins swim club website

People with the Regina Optimist Dolphin Swim Club have been in turmoil in recent weeks. (Dolphins website/CBC)

"I take all of these matters very very seriously as chief," Hagen said at an April 1 news conference. "But I also want to ensure that I do my due diligence with respect to this file."
He also pointed out that while this is a serious matter, "there's absolutely nothing to indicate that there's any criminal allegations here whatsoever." 
He said he won't put a timeline on his review. 
"I think what's important here is to acknowledge my commitment and our organization's commitment to pursue this as diligently and quickly as we can."

with files from Adam Hunter