Two Regina licensed practical nurses have pleaded guilty to professional misconduct stemming from an incident in the spring.

According to statements of claim filed with The Saskatchewan Association of Licensed Practical Nurses, employees Stefanie Ward and Jennifer Sanders were working at the Pasqua Hospital on April 28 when they brought a non-patient into a room meant to be used by health professionals for confidential charting.

Sanders then administered saline through an IV to the individual, followed by Ward giving the person Zofran, via IV.

The discipline committee said these actions violated at least eight rules, including admitting an individual who isn't a patient, performing procedures outside the scope of LPN practice and doing it all without a doctor's consent.

The nurses' actions breached parts of the Licensed Practical Nurses act, their code of ethics and other bylaws, according to the committee's decision.

Sanders and Ward pleaded guilty to the findings of the investigation during a hearing held in Regina on July 7.

As part of their penalty, the pair will have their licenses suspended for four months starting in September. They have also been ordered to pay the costs of the hearing and investigation— a bill of $2,500 each. If they don't make the payment, their licenses will continue to be suspended until they do, according to the ruling.