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Jeffrey Straker, a well-known Regina musician, says he was subjected to a homophobic slur while having an ice cream last week. (CBC)

A Regina musician is calling attention to homophobic slurs after a disturbing incident at an ice cream stand last week.

In an entry on his Facebook page, Jeffrey Straker said he was sitting outside enjoying his ice cream when a woman approached him and asked "are you a faggot?"

Straker said he was shocked and started talking to her. She repeated the slur.

"Well, you look like a faggot, so I wanted to know," she said.

"You know, that's a pretty homophobic and kind of disgusting thing to say," he replied.

The woman, who was around 35 and was accompanied by a man who laughed, was unapologetic and went upon her way, he said.

Straker says he was "gobsmacked" but is sharing his experience online, hoping to get people to think about the issue. 

Speaking to Morning Edition host Sheila Coles on Tuesday, Straker said he's been fascinated at the response on Facebook since he posted his story.

The post has received more than 1,500 "likes" and some 750 comments. Many have been supportive, although some nasty comments have also come through, he said.

Straker added that his experience is a reply of sorts to people who wonder why gay people have to be so outspoken about defending their rights, or why there is a need for pride parades or why gay people insist on holding hands in public.

"This is why," he said. "It's for this stuff."