A Regina music store was packed with patrons on Saturday for National Record Store Day, where music enthusiasts got their vinyl record fix.

X-Ray Records in Regina was busy from the moment it opened at 10:45 a.m. CST, with customers seeking rare vinyl releases.


David Yaffe holds up the records he purchased on Saturday. (Kent Morrison/CBC)

Dave Kuzenko, who runs X-Ray Records, said Record Store Day is like Christmas in terms of sales — except the business comes from vinyl record lovers.

"Mostly it is the support for the scene and the industry, and also the exclusivity of a lot of the material that they put out," Kuzenko said. "People just want it, especially collectors."

Record Store Day takes place every third Saturday in April at independent music stores around the world, according to the event's website.

One of the first customers in the store was David Yaffe, who said records are making a comeback because they provide an audio experience people can't get with newer formats.

"[A] CD, when you get it, it's a piece of plastic. You open it up, drop it in, there's nothing magical about it," Yaffe said.

"You put vinyl on, it's the actual physical vibrations of the needle. To me, it just sounds better; a little bit warmer."

Special music releases are often made exclusively for Record Store Day and copies tend to sell out quickly.

One of the hottest items at X-Ray Records was a seven-inch split record called Feistodon.

One side features Canadian indie singer Feist singing a cover of Black Tongue, a single by the metal band Mastodon, while the other side has Mastadon covering Feist's single A Commotion.