Regina motorits contend with a maze of detours around construction sites. ((CBC))

Construction on one of Regina's busiest streets is taxing the patience of motorists.

A four-block stretch of Albert Street, between College Avenue and Victoria Avenue, is under repair, sending a steady stream of traffic through a maze of detours.

"It's horrible. There's no way to drive anywhere," one driver told CBC News Wednesday. "Downtown is absolutely a mess."

"I think it's nuts," observed another. "It looks like bad planning that they've ripped up so much of the city."

In addition to the Albert Street repaving, there are three downtown construction projects disrupting traffic.


Flagman Freddie Hoeft says most drivers are understanding when they come upon traffic detours. ((CBC))

Crews are also still on the site of a months-long road and bridge project in Regina's southeast.

One man on the receiving end of many comments from drivers is flagman Freddie Hoeft who was directing people to alternate routes at the intersection of Albert Street and College Avenue.

When asked what people say to him about the inconvenience, Hoeft was diplomatic.

"Just general names. Stuff that I probably couldn't say," he answered. "[At] least not on TV."

Hoeft said that despite the name-calling of some, the majority of drivers are understanding.

He figured only one in four was actually rude.