Mosquito map

The average number of mosquitoes per city mosquito trap took a big jump over the past two weeks. The green line shows average mosquito counts per trap this year. The blue line shows mosquito counts from 1986 on, while the purple line shows the data for the last 10 years. (City of Regina)

The long-expected Regina mosquito explosion has apparently happened, according to the latest statistics from the city.

City mosquito traps had been showing numbers that were well below historical averages from May through early July.

But then in the last two weeks, following weeks of wet, warm weather, the numbers spiked.

Now, they're well above the average for this time of year.

And the worst may still be ahead.

The last two weeks of July usually see the highest number of mosquitoes.

Health officials are also watching closely for Culex tarsalis, the kind of mosquito that carries West Nile virus.