A Regina woman has received an eight-year prison sentence in the death of her three-year-old son.

Anna Marie Wilkes pleaded guilty to criminal negligence causing the 2011 death of Nylan Clarke and was sentenced Thursday.

With time served deducted, she has six years and three months remaining on her sentence.

Wilkes wept before being escorted out of the courtroom by the RCMP.

There's also a one-year sentence for obstruction of justice, which is to be served at the same time.

Wilkes's boyfriend, Harley William Fraser Stueck, was sentenced earlier this year for his role in the boy's death. He received 7½ years — six when time already served is deducted.

At his sentencing, court heard the boy was in a garage with Stueck when a shelf collapsed and a toolbox fell on the boy's head.

The couple failed to take the child to a doctor and later, he died. Clarkes's remains were later found in a burned-out vehicle at the back of Wilkes's property.

An autopsy showed the child had sustained 106 separate injuries.

Court heard Thursday the obstruction of justice charge was related to the attempt to dispose of the body.