sk-pic-Doug Charko

Doug Charko, from Regina, is Team Canada's meteorologist at the Sochi Olympics. (Doug Charko)

Team Canada is trying to stay ahead of the competition at the Winter Olympics with its own meteorologist from Regina.

Doug Charko is in Sochi forecasting for all sports, but is focusing on the events that take place on the mountains, such as cross country and biathlon. 

He told CBC News he will be spending his time on the Krasnaya Polyana mountain cluster, where there's good snow cover above 800 metres. 

Getting advice about how wet, dry or fluffy the snow is, can be crucial for athletes who paying close attention to every detail. Often, a sliver of a second or a single point determines whether they win an Olympic medal or end up not placing.

"[They need to know] what wax to put on their skis, they need to know [the] detailed temperature forecast. Not just the air, they need to know the snow temperature and the humidity," he said.

Charko will be going up to the cross country venue later in the week. He said that's the best place to see in-coming weather and advise the ski technicians on when the rain or snow will start. 

"It really affects the performance of the skis and boards," he said.

He predicted there would be some rain and snow on Tuesday. There is a warm air mass coming in, meaning a lot of melting on the courses next week, he added.