Two Regina men are trying to help disabled people in Rwanda like these who need wheelchairs. ((Courtesy Craig Lenz))

Two Regina men have teamed up to help disabled Rwandans who desperately need wheelchairs.

One of the two is Eddie Mwunvaneza, who isfrom the strife-torn African country and has made regular visits over the past 11 years.

The other is Craig Lenz, who has used a wheelchair himself for the last two decades following an accident that saw his crop-duster crash.

Lenz works with a charity called the Wheelchair Foundation, which buys wheelchairs and distributes them to people in developing countries.

When the two men met in February, Mwunvaneza told Lenz about the needs of people in his native country, which was wracked by a devastating civil war in the 1990s.

Lenz said he was stunned by images of people missing limbs, or afflicted by polio, who have to get by without a proper chair.

"There were actually people crawling on their hands and knees," he said.

Since their meeting, the two men have raised money through the foundation to send a shipment of 280 chairs to Rwanda.

The men note that when a disabled person in Rwanda gets a wheelchair, it's not just the individual who benefits— it's the entire family.

"It's like a miracle to them," Mwunvaneza said.

Plans are in the works for another 560 chairs to be sent.