Eight Regina mayoral candidates gathered at the south Albert Street Travel Lodge Thursday night to debate the proposed stadium.

But the Community Club debate turned into seven candidates against City Councillor Michael Fougere. Tim Siekawitch, Liz Brass, Jim Elliott, Marian Donnelly, Chad Novak, Meka Okochi and  Charles Wiebe all took turns attacking the stadium proposal and leaving Fougere with no choice but to defend his support of the stadium plan for most of the night. 

"There are buildings that simply wear out and Mosaic Stadium is wearing out. It's an old car that has binder twine and duct tape holding it together and it's not going to hold out much longer," he said.

Mayoral candidate Tom Brown was at the debate, but did not participate because he submitted his papers too late.

Donnelly said she liked the initial proposal for the stadium — a downtown domed stadium with a promise that it would be funded by private money.


Mayoral candidates in Regina debated the proposed stadium Thursday night.

"This new proposal just isn't sitting right with me," she said.

Some of the candidates said Mosaic Stadium could be renovated for a fraction of the price it will cost to build the new stadium.

"Why should we just go and demolish instead of sitting back and looking a the options," Novak said.

Fougere reminded the voters that showed up at the debate that the public will have their say on the stadium on election day, October 24.