The City of Regina wants to do a bit of spring cleaning by thinning out car traffic that is clogging downtown streets.

Regina mayor Michael Fougere is set to unveil the city's transportation master plan today.

The goal is to encourage Reginans to get out of their cars and find other ways of getting around.

"We'll look at how can we, as a priority, enhance more transit usage," Fougere said. "How can we provide more opportunities for bikes for going downtown?"

If you've taken Regina's main streets during rush hour, you know how bad the traffic can get. 

"We need to encourage people to take buses, encourage them to take bikes, and to walk," Fougere said. "It's about new and updated ideas; about how we really govern our city."

An open house for the public to review the plan is being held today at the Cornwall Centre from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. CST.