Mayor Pat Fiacco sent out a couple of angry tweets Thursday after mayoral candidate Chad Novak said former Mayor Larry Schneider was his father-in-law. (CBC/Twitter)

Regina Mayor Pat Fiacco was on the attack on Twitter Thursday, publicly criticizing one of the candidates for mayor.

Fiacco's strongly worded tweets came out after Chad Novak used his @chad4mayor Twitter account to say former mayor Larry Schneider was Fiacco's father-in-law, presenting it as election "trivia."

Fiacco, who is not running for re-election on Oct. 24, got on his Twitter account (@mayorfiacco) to point out that his father-in-law died seven years ago. He accused Novak of lying and making a fool of himself.

"Chad, please get help," Fiacco said in a second tweet. "You are destroying your reputation and your future. This isn't funny any longer."

That resulted in more tweets from Novak.

Here's the blow-by-blow on Twitter from this morning: