It turns out Regina's mayor attended only 50 per cent of council meetings this year — a sharp contrast to his counterpart in Saskatoon, who did not miss one.

Saskatoon Mayor Don Atchison said it was important to have perfect attendance, something he gave his wife credit for.

"She has made tremendous sacrifices to make sure I was able to be there at council chambers for those meetings," Atchison said.

"That's so important to the citizens of Saskatoon and that's what strong leadership is about."

It's a different story in Regina, where the mayor's 50 per cent attendance record was the worst on council.

His attendance at executive committee — the committee form of city council — was 70 per cent. That wasn't the worst, although it was below average for councillors.

CBC contacted the mayor's senior advisor for a comment but was told Fiacco was unavailable.

Meanwhile, a comparison of city hall records shows Saskatoon's attendance figures are generally better than Regina's.

Overall, there was 89 per cent attendance at Saskatoon city council and executive committee meetings in 2012, compared to 83 per cent in Regina.

Regina mayoral candidate Michael Fougere had the best attendance at total meetings (100 per cent) and was tied for 2nd best at city council meetings (92 per cent).

In Saskatoon, outgoing councillors Glenn Penner and Myles Heidt missed the most council and executive committee meetings.

In Regina, the council member with the lowest attendance at the two types of meetings was Fiacco (61 per cent), followed by Terry Hincks (67 per cent) and Chris Szarka (77 per cent).

Szarka and Hincks are seeking re-election on Oct. 24, while Fiacco is not running again.