As things get busier at the sprawling Global Tranportation Hub west of Regina, traffic is getting busier, too.

The giant rail, truck and warehouse development has a big tenant in Canadian Pacific, which opened its new intermodal facility there this week.

Canadian Pacific says its new facility can handle 250,000 containers a year — five times more freight than the old terminal downtown.

But as business picks up inside the hub, truck traffic along Dewdney Avenue, currently an important route to the Hub from inside Regina — is expected to pick up.

According to Regina Mayor Michael Fougere, truck traffic along Dewdney has already increased thanks to the Hub, and with the CP facility running, that could add more.

That will continue for the next while, because important bypass routes to the hub have not yet been built, he said.

Fougere said he hopes residents will be patient.

"We are doing the best we can," Fougere said. "This is all about growth and building capacity and we will have these issues resolved in the near future."

The main route into the hub will be ready in a couple of years.

Meanwhile, a bypass from the east end of the city to the hub is still in the planning stage.