Regina man who grabbed machete gets police award

A Regina man who confronted a machete-wielding robber, rescued a clerk and foiled an armed robbery has been honoured by the city police.

A Regina man who confronted a machete-wielding robber, rescued a clerk and foiled an armed robbery has been honoured by the city police.

On Thursday, Rob Hove received a Chief's Commendation for coming to the aid of a cashier during a gas station robbery.

It happened at a Domo gas station on Regina's Albert Street in August.

Hove, a motorcyle enthusiast, explained that just before the robbery, he had been drinking coffee with his buddies at a Tim Horton's restaurant next door.

Two men came by and asked him about his motorcycle.

Seconds later, the same two men put on masks, pulled out machetes, and walked toward the clerk at the gas station.

Hove and his friends stepped in.

When he saw a robber putting a blade to the cashier's throat, Hove quickly grabbed the weapon out the robber's hands.

After that, he and his friends held the man until police arrived. The other masked man ran off.

Hove said he was acting on instinct and if he was in the same situation he would do it again.

Hove said he was shocked later when he found out he was getting the award. When he saw the Regina police logo on the letter, he figured it had something to do with parking tickets.

His wife Sherry, said she's proud of him but hopes he never tries something like this again.

"I was a little concerned he could have lost his life," she said.

A 22-year-old man was charged with armed robbery and other offences.