Regina man dons skates for Canadian 'jog' down icy alley

A Regina man took advantage of his icy alley to go for a little skate on Friday.

Skating was 'smooth sailing' except for a couple potholes, says Nolan Hubbard-Richards

Regina resident Nolan Hubbard-Richards put on his skates instead of running shoes to get his exercise outside on Friday, Feb. 12, 2016. (Nolan Hubbard-Richards/YouTube)

A Regina man took advantage of icy streets in Regina's Mount Royal neighbourhood last week to get in some very Canadian exercise. 

Nolan Hubbard-Richards wanted to go for a run on Friday, but an early melt and then freeze earlier in the month left many streets and alleys around the city with a thick layer of ice.

"I really wanted to get a run in today because it's so beautiful, but a little problem," Hubbard-Richards said while tapping the ice in a video posted to YouTube and Reddit.

"Not really safe for running, so I'm going to have to improvise," he said. 

With that Hubbard-Richards took off down the alley wearing a pair of skates. 

He quickly skated to the end of the lane and back.

"Just got to watch out for a couple of potholes. Smooth sailing," he said. 


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