Scott Leitch graduated with a degree in journalism from the University of Regina in 2005. ((Courtesy of the Leitch family))

Scott Leitch, who had muscular dystrophy, couldhave gone to Disneylandat age 11 thanks to a charitythat granted wishes to terminally ill children. Instead, the aspiring journalist chose to meet with CBC-TV broadcaster Knowlton Nash.

Leitch died on July 17 at age 29 — but not without first realizing his lifelong dream of becoming a journalist.A celebration of the life of Leitch, whose father is an RCMP officer, was held at an RCMP chapel in Regina on Saturday.

Nash, in an interview withCBC News,recalled meeting Leitch in the 1980s when theboyread the news on the set of the CBC's flagship news program, The National.

"Canadian journalism… is really honoured by his dedication, and all of us in this business of news should be really quite proud to call him a colleague," Nash said.

The disease,diagnosed when Leitch was five,left him in a wheelchair and dependant on a ventilator to breathe — butdid not deter him from journalism.


As an 11-year-old, Leitch fulfilled his dream of meeting CBC broadcaster Knowlton Nash. ((Courtesy of the Leitch family))

"I'd say it started when I was about five years old," Leitch said in a report he made for CBC three years ago.

"I used to make my own news broadcasts. I guess I'd be afraid that my time would be up before I complete my goal of becoming a journalist."

Leitch graduated in 2005from the University of Regina's journalism school.

He interned with CBC Saskatchewan and then started a career as a freelance journalist.