A Regina apartment fire Thursday put dozens on the street and one man in hospital.

It happened Thursday morning at a basement floor suite at 4045 Robinson St. in the south end of the city.

Thick smoke spread throughout the building, forcing the evacuation at around 10:30 a.m. CST.

One man ended up with cuts after he tried to get a fire extinguisher out of its case.

He was taken to hospital. The fire was extinguished in a few minutes.

The Regina fire department said no one was in the apartment suite at the time. 

There was fire damage to the suite, as well as heavy smoke damage to the rest of the building. 

Crews are still trying to determine the cause. There was no immediate word on when people would be allowed back in.

Fire at 4045 Robinson St., Regina

Fire crews were called to an apartment fire at 4045 Robinson St. on Thursday. No one was inside the burning suite, but one man was injured trying to break a fire extinguisher out of a glass case. (Jordan Jackle/CBC)