A Regina man has been sentenced to 7½ years in prison for criminal negligence causing the death last year of Nylan Clarke, a three-year-old boy.

Harley William Fraser Stueck was sentenced Friday in Regina after pleading guilty to the offence earlier in the month.

After being given credit for time already served, Stueck, who is in his late 30s, is left with six years to serve.

Court heard the victim is the son of Stueck's girlfriend, Anna Marie Rose Wilkes.

Wilkes has also been charged in connection with the child's death. Her charges are still before the courts.

Court heard Stueck was a drug dealer and cocaine user who met Wilkes one night and a relationship developed.

After they had been together for a short while, Wilkes left her son temporarily in the care of Stueck.

One day, Stueck was in a garage with the child. A shelf fell and a heavy toolbox dropped on the boy's head, injuring him.

Instead of taking the boy to a doctor, Stueck and Wilkes went out for dinner. A waitress noticed there was blood dripping out of the boy's ear.

Clarke's condition continued to deteriorate. At one point, he was put in a shower to attempt to wake him up. Then he died.

Stueck and Wilkes talked about how to hide the evidence and came up with a plan to burn the body in a vehicle behind Wilkes's house.

During the sentencing, the judge referred to Stueck's "cruel and selfish"  behaviour.  The circumstances for the child were tragic and unimaginable, he said.

While Stueck did not intentionally cause the injuries, he didn't do anything to stop them from happening, the judge said.

An autopsy found that the child suffered from a number of injuries. He also had elevated levels of cocaine in his system, court heard.