Regina man fights City Hall to keep RV in driveway

A Regina man says he's frustrated that a City of Regina bylaw won't let him park his 18-foot RV at his home.
Lionel Gendreau says he has asked the City of Regina to reconsider its RV parking bylaw. (CBC)
This is a new trailer. It's a smaller size trailer. It's not a monstrosity.- Lionel Gendreau

What's an RV?

According to the City of Regina's zoning bylaw, recreational vehicles that fall under the seasonal parking ban include:

  • class A or class C motor homes.
  • travel trailers
  • fifth wheel trailers.
  • tent trailers.
  • truck campers. 
  • boats, canoes, kayaks.
  • snowmobiles.
  • all-terrain vehicles.
  • jet skis.

A Regina man says he's frustrated that a city bylaw won't let him park his 18-foot camper in front of his home.

Lionel Gendreau told Morning Edition host Sheila Coles Thursday he moved to Regina from northern Alberta with the expectation he'd be able to park his RV in his driveway in the Lakeridge subdivision.

Then he found out a bylaw prohibits RV parking in front of homes or in driveways in the winter months.

The bylaw, which was recently updated, bans RV parking between Nov. 1 and April 1. Before the change, the ban was a bit longer, between Oct. 1 and April 30.

He had to leave his camper at a relative's place in Manitoba, but he says he's not giving up.

"I feel that they're trying to parent me in terms of what I can keep on my own property," Gendreau said.

"This is a new trailer. It's a smaller size trailer. It's not a monstrosity."

He's asking the city to reconsider its bylaw.

The city's rationale for the rule is that people don't use RV's in the winter and that having them on front yards compromises the "residential character" of neighbourhoods.

So what do you think? Should long-term storage of large recreational vehicles be allowed in residential areas?

Lionel Gendreau says he and his wife love using their camper to enjoy nature. He's upset the city won't let him store it on their property. (Courtesy Lionel Gendreau)


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