A Regina man has been charged with contempt of court for allegedly ignoring a Canadian Human Rights Commission order to stop posting hateful comments on a website.

In 2007, the commission ordered Terry Tremaine, a mathematics professor, to stop posting anti-Jewish material on the internet.

Richard Warman, who initiated the complaint against Tremaine, said in an affidavit that Tremaine is disobeying the order and continues to post material that advocates the extermination of the Jewish community and also attacks blacks and other non-whites.

"If you look at Mr. Tremaine's website, the advocacy of genocide and ethnic cleansing is something that is clearly horrific. It's abhorrent and illegal," Warman said.

"There needs to be respect for the court order. There needs to be the removal of this material and Mr. Tremaine needs to stop pumping out illegal hate propaganda," he said.

In addition to the contempt charge, Tremaine is facing a criminal charge for wilfully promoting hatred. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for next week in Regina.