A Regina man, keen to ensure his daughter enjoyed a Saskatoon concert by pop star Justin Bieber, has gone to extraordinary lengths to make that happen.

Lance Krienke organized a 'Bieber Bus' of 25 parents — and their daughters — to travel to Saskatoon Tuesday.

"I decided I would make it a little more special for her and more of a Justin Bieber experience," Krienke explained before hitting the road. "So we got a bus-load of fans and the stereo is rocking. It should be a good time."

Krienke was so determined to get tickets for the show, which sold out in minutes, he set up three computers to make sure his daughter Cindy would not miss out.

His bus idea was so popular, he had to turn away ten people who wanted to join the trip.

Krienke took the afternoon off work to make the trip with his daughter.

However, despite his best efforts at buying tickets, he was not able to get enough so that he could be in the arena for the concert.

He planned to wait it out in the parking lot.