The Regina Correctional Centre is located just outside the northeast city limits. (CBC)

A labour arbitration report obtained by CBC News is raising questions about the way a female guard at the Regina Correctional Centre was fired in 2008.  

Leigh Longman was terminated following an off-duty incident where she was detained by police after having been drinking and while in the company of an ex-inmate.

Arbitrator Anne Wallace says that Julien Hulet, the former jail director who is now the province's director of security intelligence, created a "fake" police report that suggested the ex-inmate was a gang member.

In her Feb. 11, 2013 decision, Wallace wrote that Hulet "presented the fake document to the Union on at least two occasions as though it was an authentic police report."

Wallace said this was done to help justify Longman's firing.

Her union grieved the firing and was successful — the jail has been ordered to rehire Longman and compensate her for lost income.  

However, the deputy minister of corrections, Dale McFee, simply doesn't agree with Wallace's finding.

McFee says paraphrasing a police report is not the same as forging a document.

"I'm just not prepared to accept that this was deemed a fraudulent document," he said.

"Obviously for the reasons of not portraying names and other things, the information was given a bit of a summation and forwarded as such."

Hulet may simply not have made it clear he was summarizing a police report, McFee said.

"The reality is is the information is from the police, that's reality," he said. "Very much is very close to what the police have said in their actual report."

McFee wants to read a transcript of the actual hearing to see what was presented.