The procession of a house through the east end of Regina Saturday morning drew a lot of attention.

The home was being moved outside of the city from its lot on Edinburgh Drive and Westminster Road.

Its owner, Aurele Morisette, told CBC News it cost him $50,000 to move the 3,000-square-foot house to Pasqua Lake.

A large crowd of people spent the morning taking photos and tweeting about the spectacle.

A  number of police officers and two dozen city workers were also on scene to help the process go smoothly. They had to trim trees and take down street lights to allow the house to pass.

The City's manager of traffic control and parking, Tom O'Connell, said it took a lot of work to co-ordinate.

"This has been in planning since August of last year and our team has been working with the mover and the house owner throughout the winter," he said.

The City of Regina is advising motorists to avoid some main roads in the east end because of the move, including Assiniboine Avenue, Arcola Avenue and Prince Of Wales Drive.