Regina hospitals are trying to work around a shortage of emergency room physicians 

The Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region said 26 is the ideal number of full-time ER doctor positions, with family physicians who provide other support bringing it up to 29 full-time positions in emergency.

Currently there are between 19 to 20 equivalents. 

"Right now, there's no change in the level of service, but what we need to recognize is if we can't replace the physicians that we need, what will it look like?" said Keith Dewar, the CEO of the health region.

He said the region is searching for more doctors to fill the gap, but it also needs to find a short-term solution. 

"While that's our first objective, if we can not, what can we do with the current number of physicians we have," said Dewar. "That's the scenario we're working through that's creating some of the discussion."

Dewar said they're having discussions about cutting back on the operating hours of the Pasqua Hospital's ER.

He said there's not a lot of flexibility for staff, and the goal is to find one or two more physicians.