Regina's General Hospital and Pasqua Hospital will soon open two new surgical units for short-term patients.

The change was deemed necessary after a review completed by patients, staff and doctors.

"This work will help us to implement ways to help get closer to attaining our surgical targets," said Keith Dewar, president and CEO of the Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region, in a press release.

"We are striving to improve surgical patients’ care experience and continue to work toward ensuring that, by 2014, all patients will have the option of receiving their surgery within three months."

The Rapid Process Improvement Workshop looked at certain hospital processes from the point of view of a patient to find ways to be more efficient.

The team looked at things such as the distances nurses have to walk during a shift to get to patients and ways to eliminate patient wait times — such as the time it takes to be discharged from the hospital after surgery.

Donna Strudwick is a patient who has helped design the new pain management tools for the unit.

She said the tools puts more onus on patients to monitor their own levels of pain and discomfort.

"I have a better appreciation for the challenges that are facing our health care system and how patients can be more proactive with their care," Strudwick said. "For example, we as patients can be checking in with our health care team about our discharge plans upon admission."

The Pasqua Hospital will have an eight-bed unit for patients that will need hospital care for up to 48 to 72 hours, which will serve as a model for a 12-bed unit at the Regina General Hospital.

Both units are expected to open in the spring.