Two winners of a high profile Regina charity contest that involved a home makeover say they've had vastly different experiences with the renovations.

Dawn Culbert's family was the first to win the Regina Extreme Makeover in 2009.

It was chosen over 70 other applicants to have its Glencairn neighbourhood home renovated by local entrepreneur Adam Hicks and his team.

Hicks had wanted to do a local version of the television show Extreme Home Makeover.

The focus of the makeover was to add upgrades to the home that would make it more accessible for Culbert's daughter, who has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair.

But Culbert said the experience wasn't the dream she had expected.

Missing items

'Where's my husband's personal belongings my children will never have?' —Dawn Culbert

Culbert's husband, Dean, died several months before the renovation. She said what made things harder was that many of her husband's things disappeared during the renovation.

"Where's my family antiques?" Culbert asked. "Where's my husband's personal belongings my children will never have?"

Hicks has never given Culbert any answers about where those belongings went, said Culbert.

Happier outcome

In 2011 Hicks held another home makeover contest.

Ashton Strong and his wife Dia, who has multiple sclerosis, were chosen over five other families.

Strong's experience was more positive than what Culbert went through.

He said the home renovations now allow his wife to get around more easily and conserve her energy, with a lift and a ramp in the back of the house that help her get in and out.

"I say that we're a thousand times ahead of what we were before," said Strong, adding, "any of the other five families would have given anything to get 10 per cent of what we got."

Strong's family may be the last to win the home makeover in Regina, however, as Hicks filed for bankruptcy earlier this year.

Hicks has declined an interview with CBC News.