Regina hitchhikers could face $110 fine

It may not be widely known, but it's illegal to hitchhike in Regina — and the fine is about to take a big hike.

City boosting fines in Traffic Bylaw

It may not be widely known, but it's illegal to hitchhike in Regina — and the fine is about to take a big hike.

Regina's public works committee is meeting today to discuss boosting fines on dozens of traffic violations.

Anybody caught hitchhiking inside city limits could be hit with a $110 fine, up from the current $50.

The proposed fine for driving over a curb will double to $100 and obstructing a parade could cost you $60, up from $50. 

The idea, a report to city's public works and infrastructure committee says, is to have the fines in the Regina Traffic Bylaw reflect recent fine increases in provincial legislation.

"Adjusting the fine schedule so that the Bylaw fines are congruent with [the provincial] Traffic Safety Act ensures the fines associated with the penalty reflect the risk to public safety and is an adequate deterrent," the committee report says. "Having the same fines ensures easier and consistent enforcement of the offence."

The proposed changes will need final approval by city council.

Here's a selection of proposed fines in the Regina Traffic Bylaw (old in parentheses and new in bold):

  • Driving in a bicycle lane ($50) $85
  • Driving wrong way on a one-way street ($50) $100
  • Obstructing traffic on the street ($50) $85
  • Proceeding before safe to do so after U-turn ($85) $180
  • Hitchhiking ($50) $110
  • Soliciting business from a vehicle ($50) $110
  • Enticing another person into a vehicle ($50) $110
  • Driving over a curb ($50) $100
  • Holding parade without a permit ($50) $180
  • Operating a tracked vehicle on road ($50) $180

Source: City of Regina


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