Several people in Saskatchewan received faxes that were supposed to go to doctors offices, the Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region says.

Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region is apologizing after the medical records of 13 Saskatchewan patients were faxed to the wrong numbers over several months.

Marlene Smadu, the health region's vice-president of quality and transformation, said the region has extended its sincere apologies to the patients.

Fortunately, the error didn't affect patient care, she said.

The health region said Friday it first became aware of five of the faxes in January when the "inappropriate recipients" started calling.

It determined it was a "computer software error" that caused the region's automatic faxing program to randomly repeat digits.

However, it couldn't pinpoint the source of the problem. Although officials tried to make the fix, some occasional wayward faxes would continue over the next five months.

The records were supposed to go to doctors' offices, but ended up going to two businesses and two individuals.

Names, medical problems, and hospitalization numbers were among the information released.

The health region said the people who received the records have destroyed them.

It's now rebooting the automatic fax system every second day so the problem doesn't repeat.

The health region has sent letters of apology to 13 patients in four health regions: Regina-Qu'Appelle, Cypress, Five Hills and Sunrise.

There haven't been any faxes going to the wrong places for the last three months, Smadu said.