The tornado of 1912 destroyed a number of buildings in the heart of Regina. (City of Regina archives)

The City of Regina plans to spend $45,000 for art and performances to commemorate the deadly tornado of 1912.

The 100th anniversary of the deadliest tornado in Canadian history falls on Saturday, June 30 and city council is being asked to approve the money for a variety of events and legacy art at its meeting tonight.

New Dance Horizons is staging an interpretive dance and will be organizing a variety of other artistic endeavours.

If council approves, the dance company will receive $35,000 for the Spiraling Forces Festival, June 27-30.

"The character of the wind will be celebrated as an inextricable part of prairie life, through dances of swirling silks, inspiring music, choreographed kites and many fun family activities," a report to city hall says.

Another project, the Regina Tornado Art and Heritage Legacy Project, will receive $10,000 for a series of murals and sculptures that will be installed throughout the downtown and the warehouse district.

The art will be unveiled in the week leading up to June 30.

"The activities will provide information about the Regina tornado and the stories of resiliency and compassion that emerged in the aftermath of that destructive force," a report to council says.

The tornado, often called the Regina Cyclone, killed 28 people, injured hundreds and left thousands homeless.