Regina proposes a tax hike of more than 4 per cent for 2011. ((CBC))

The City of Regina is proposing a property tax hike of 4.13 per cent in the coming year.

Mayor Pat Fiacco released details of the planned $369.7-million budget Monday, which, along with any amendments, is to be voted on by council next month.

The city says it has to consider aging infrastructure, continuing growth in the city, and the costs of maintaining services.

"Budgeting is never easy, as anyone who's ever tried to set a budget will know," Fiacco said. "I'm not happy to see it either. But we're not prepared to put the health and safety and the quality of life of this community at risk by not making these strategic investments."

The budget foresees Regina's largest-ever investment for road infrastructure: $22.8-million for existing streets and $21.3 in new road construction.

Additional spending also includes developing a new landfill site and $15-million for eight new transit buses, six para-transit buses, and two fire trucks.

If council approves the proposed 4.13 per cent increase in the mill rate, the average homeowner whose residential property is assessed at $276,000 will pay an increase of about $53 a year.