The premier and the Saskatchewan Party are gearing up for a re-election campaign, but they may have a tougher time than usual when it comes to putting together television commercials.

Some filmmakers in Regina say they will not help make the party's re-election campaign commercial.

The Cinematographers Guild Local 669 put out a statement on its website on July 26 that said Brad Wall is attempting to shoot a commercial for his television re-election campaign. The guild is asking its members to not accept work on the ad.

Cinematographers Guild Local 669 filmmakers Sask Party snub

The Cinematographers Guild Local 669 put out a statement on its website July 26 asking its members to not accept work on a Sask. Party commercial. (Screen capture by Tory Gillis)

In the statement, the guild said Premier Brad Wall and the Saskatchewan Party "killed the TV and film sector" in the province.

The Tories cut the film tax credit in the 2012 budget, forcing many working in Saskatchewan's film industry to leave the province.

Two years later, some filmmakers are still upset about the cut.

Regina filmmaker Layton Burton, known for his work on Little Mosque on the Prairie, told CBC news the guild is not boycotting the party, instead it is up to each person to decide whether or not to work on Wall's campaign.

"This is not a boycott. This is individual filmmakers, individual companies, local companies saying I'm not going to be part and parcel to re-electing someone or something — the Saskatchewan Party after what they've done to the industry in the province," explained Burton.

Burton said he made the personal decision not to assist the Saskatchewan Party in its bid for re-election.

"If they can find people to work on it, they can find people to work on it. But I know, after being in this industry for 30 years and working with these people, there's not one person industry that I know that will work on this commercial."

Despite that, the Sask. Party may not have too much trouble finding a Saskatchewan company to hire. Within hours, Saskatoon filmmaker Chris Funk had jumped into the conversation on Twitter saying he would be happy to shoot the ads.

The next provincial election is expected to be held in Spring 2016.

With files from CBC's Adrian Cheung