Kosior family in Regina  skpic

The Kosiors are in the running for billet family of the year. That's WHLer Griffin Mumby (red hair) at the back. (CBC)

A Regina family that billets junior hockey players is being recognized for its welcoming home.

The Kosiors have been nominated for the Western Hockey League's billet family of the year after billeting Regina Pats players for the past five seasons.

Wayne Kosior says each player has been special.

"You know it will be a sad day if we ever have to quit billeting for whatever reason because I have to say it's something that we really look forward to."

Hockey players sometimes get a bad reputation, but it's completely undeserved based on the family's experience, Kosior said.

"Everybody always says, 'Do you have much problems with them?  Are they staying out late and missing curfew and stuff?' But honestly, we've never had one issue or problem with that," he said. "We've had the greatest kids in the world."

Right now, the Kosiors are billeting 18-year-old defenceman Griffin Mumby.