A Regina woman, whose home and belongings burned in a fire over the holidays, is overjoyed at an outpouring of community support.

Tania Pratt was preparing a turkey dinner on Christmas Eve when she noticed smoke coming from an eavestrough in her home. 

That night, the house where she, her daughter and granddaughter were living was destroyed. They survived the fire, but the family lost all of their possessions and even cherished photographs. 

Since the fire happened on the night before Christmas, all the gifts under the tree were also ruined.

house fire mcintyre street regina dec 24 2016

All of the family's household possessions burned in the Christmas Eve fire. (CBC)

Just when Pratt thought she had lost everything, the community started to rally in support.  

Somebody posted about the fire in the Facebook Group called I Will Help Regina, and soon donations started pouring in to help the family get back on their feet. 

"I don't know how to feel but overwhelmed and joyed," Pratt said.

The family received beds, dishes, a dining room table and other household items.

"How the community can come together and help out strangers, it's just heartwarming to see that. For people to be so helping and giving," she said. 

tania pratt christmas eve fire jan 19 2016

Tania Pratt received many household items from the community, including cutlery and dishware. She said the fire brought her family closer. (Brian Rodgers/CBC)